Brand Introduction

KugooKirin was born in 2017 in Zhejiang, China, with two sub-brands, KUGOO and VLAKEN, and multiple overseas warehouses in Europe, Russia and Dubai, with a total area of 35,000 square meters, mainly exporting to Russia, Kirghizstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Belarus, Dubai and other European countries. According to the research report of Russian, the electric scooter ranked 4th among the "20 most popular products of this year". In consecutive years in the Russian market to create ¥ 1 billion turnover of remarkable achievements, occupying the largest share of the European and Russian outdoor and short-distance mobility market, jumped into the electric scooter category TOP brand. 2022 brand strong out of the circle, a direct chain of Asia / Europe / the United States of America, three international markets, is committed to the global love of life of the short-distance travel enthusiasts, to provide a comprehensive and excellent performance of the electric scooter products.

KugooKirin's craftsmanship with deep attention to detail and wild design concepts have won many domestic and international aesthetic design awards for its products, and its elegant posture and unrestrained artistic style have become an industrial trend symbol in the minds of urban athletes and fashionable white-collar workers.

KugooKirin advocates the spirit of prophecy, focuses on the comprehensive breakthrough and iteration of product performance and imaginative design, as well as social responsibility for the sustainable development of the natural environment, and is loved by scooter enthusiasts and dealers in more than 30 countries around the world. Starting from the electric scooter itself, advocating the optimistic life concept of playing with cool gestures, and abiding by the market responsibility of innovators and navigators, we have been walking on the road of letting technology and aesthetics change life by constantly imagining, creating and practicing.


Brand Culture

●Brand slogan: Playing cool means freedom, life lies in love

●Brand mission: Share the culture of “cool travel” to every corner of the world

●Brand Vision: Relying on powerful products and insightful and keen brand concepts, people all over the world will no longer be troubled by commuting congestion.

●Brand Values: You know, every second of time is precious! When you devote all your energy to loving freedom, wonderful things will happen quietly. KugooKirin is not afraid of wind and rain, loneliness and dusk. We grow in the mud and choose to trample the thorns of the road with a cool attitude, just to pursue the dawn we believe in. We will always maintain a keen awareness of performance and the market, constantly adhere to the corporate responsibility of "creators, leaders and thinkers", and move forward despite all obstacles.


Production Base

KugooKirin has heavyweight electric scooter products and parts manufacturing factories in Asia-Zhejiang, Guangdong-Shenzhen and Tianjin. From the appearance of the body to the performance of the motor, tire material and every other aspect, all are assembled into a vehicle by the factory's in-house senior R & D experts at all levels of control, and can only leave the factory after 23 channels of precision testing. Dozens of digital parts, each production line can produce an average of 1,000 to 1,500 complete vehicles per day, and its intelligent and efficient production capacity and R & D strength in the warehouse in Dubai are all evident in the industry, winning wide recognition in the overseas market and deep affection from users. In the future, KugooKirin will also continue to maintain its commitment to promoting the development of electric mobility tools, and actively seek cooperation with global distributors. We believe that through our continuous efforts and pursuits, we will be able to bring electric mobility tools full of fashionable aesthetics and power aesthetics to every family and everyone, and at the same time, make KugooKirin become the leader of the green short-distance mobility solutions, and bring more and better choices to global We will also make KugooKirin the leader in green short-distance travelling solutions and bring more and better choices to consumers around the world.

30000 Sqm

KugooKirin factory in Zhejiang, China

425000 Vehicles

Annual output of KugooKirin

1705 Shops

KugooKirin stores worldwide

319 Patents

Patent applied for by KugooKirin

53 Countries

KugooKirin’s global presence