Building standards and specifications suitable for IT service operations in China with SPS as core

Technological innovation is the key to core competitiveness. China Digital has established a strong IT research and development team with about 2,000 software research and development officers, and is chairman of the "Working Group on Promoting Internet Information Services Industry of the Changfeng Alliance" of the Ministry of Science and Technology. SaaS service system, With SPS as the main one to build standards and specifications suitable for IT service operations in China. In terms of ICT infrastructure, China Digital has established professional data centers in Beijing, Guangzhou, Suzhou and other places to ensure the North-South Telecom connectivity, create a highly secure and highly reliable network environment, and have more than 3000 units of operating equipment, through NetApp, HP and other companies have established joint laboratories, Computing pools and storage pools are implemented, and in e-commerce, the pioneering development of an e-commerce platform for on-demand service and personalized services. It has applied for more than a dozen technology patents and has become a pilot venture to produce patent engines in Beijing.

Группа считает, что в информационную эпоху экономической глобализации информатизация станет единственным способом для МСП повысить свою конкурентоспособность, а электронная коммерция станет ключевым путем для предприятий для достижения информатизации. Поэтому Группа продолжит концентрироваться на продвижении процесса электронной коммерции и информатизации китайских МСП, постоянно вводить новшества, постоянно запускать все больше и больше услуг, создавать умные китайские предприятия и достигать умных предпринимателей!

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